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Gustave Courbet The Meeting Bonjour Monsieur Courbet 1854
Philip Guston Untitled 1968
Lee Bontecou Untitled 1959



La Danse by Jean Baptiste Carpeaux 1868



Hi, thanks for visiting. I'm glad you're here.


I write from feeling first—perhaps to gain purchase, to orient myself—then the thoughts come. I do not plan. I wish I could. Mine is the slow boat. Something piques my interest—a story from my stylist, a museum exhibit, the neighbor in baggy leggings using sticks for walking. I think about something long enough till a line appears then I start longhand (apology to trees.) The process always a surprise, an exercise in trust.

When I write is as important as what, my work is influenced by whatever is currently filling my head—a foreign film, a lecture, my obsession with dioramas.

Walking into a museum is like coming home. Were I a sculptor—Bontecou meets Carpeaux maybe. A painter—Guston meets Courbet? All of which is to say my writing is eclectic but grounded, visual and moving, on occasion surprising, always focused on the condition of being human with language as important as plot. My goal is to connect emotionally and leave one slightly off center, in some way changed. Thanks for stopping by.


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