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Sarah Harmarnee for Alexander McQueen Armor Joan
Martin Johnson Heade A Yellow Rose Against a Cloudy Sky

Through the Borderland

Novel - speculative

(click to read chapter 1)

In a world divided by famine and war, eighteen-year-old Clere risks her life to expose the family’s secret of who murdered her father and why only to learn upon meeting her estranged and powerful grandfather that he was his executioner.


Spirit emerges from space. Soul or Aura. 3D rendering

The Way Station

Feature-length screenplay - sci fi

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Logline: trapped in an ominous pre-birth universe, an extraordinary young woman enters a race against time to claim her rightful future before it is harvested and sold to the highest bidder.

Sarah Harmarnee for Alexander McQueen Armor Joan

Narcissus Framed


Available upon request

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