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hand sewn paper and ribbon laying on a large rock

The Yangtze - my sister disappeared on a trip to China...


hand sewn paper and ribbon laying on a large rock

The Yangtze

My sister disappeared on a trip to China...

White poinsettia bouquet in middle of road

Lights out in White

Getting lost in a whiteout is no fun.

two young women one surprised the other laughing


If you don't think of yourself as a star...

no one will!

a doll standing in a living room

Hermaphrodite Baby Shower

A celebration of all...beings.

two young women in dresses with frizzy hair

Develop Your Personality

Gorgeous people don't do this

because they don't have to!

family of clowns in kitchen having breakfast

Dr. Clown

Family business is no laughing matter.

Painter Manoucher Yektai

A great painter who did everything

he could not to be one.

Woodblock carver Hodaka Yoshida

Nearly ruined by his father's disapproval, this artist modernizes Japanese woodblock carving.

Painter Richard Mayhew

Riotous color meets serene landscape to produce a powerful historical commentary.

My African Tortoise Neighbor

Girlfriend feels the groove!



Celebrity Revelations

Intimate details revealed and that's

no lie!

Group of dolls in supermarket setting

Trader Joe's is Run by Buddhists

Attached to Snackos? You're not alone.

"Last Night" singer Morgan Wallen

goes to therapy.

This country singer has issues...

Sculptor Deborah Butterfied

Once this female artist ignored the critics, her art and career took off. Familiar story?

Sculptor  and painter Ruth Asawa

Discrimination and internment provide an unlikely opportunity for this 1940s modernist to flourish.

Sculptor Mark di Suvero

Shipwreck or greek myth? You decide.

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